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Savogniner Frauenpow(d)er

The Women's DEMO-Team Savogniner Frauenpow(d)er was founded in January 2020. The team members are young, dynamic female snowsport instructors who approach formation skiing with ambition, discipline and fun.

The motivation is to establish a women's team in Val Surses. Cohesion and a good atmosphere are in the foreground, but they also work diligently on technique and dynamics. Thanks to great efford, a podium was won for Surses at the first official competition in March 2021 - Savogniner Frauenpow(d)er came third in the virtual Graubünden championship. The team also took 3rd place at the 2022 Graubünden championships in Brigels. The team is looking forward to the future challenges with great anticipation and is proud to represent Val Surses.


Video: Remo Müggler


The team would like to thank all sponsors for their generous support and for their trust in its work!

Team members


Nina Benisowitsch
Team leader
Yule Fischediek
Team leader
Alessia Pelloni
Jana Wick
Lea Guldimann
Lea Spinatsch
Nadine Kilchsperger
Tabea Saner
😊 Kinderskiparadies am 10./11. Dezember und ab 17. Dezember täglich geöffnet (09:00 bis 16:00), kommt vorbei, wir freuen uns! 😊 P.S.: auch die Gastronomie in La Nars ist geöffnet! 🥘☕️ #snowboarding #skiing #snowsports #winterw...
❄️ Winterwunderland - wir sind voller Vorfreude! ❄️ #snowboarding #skiing #snowsports #winterwonderland #winter #snow #mountainlove #valsurses #skischulesavognin
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