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KIDS Ski Paradise La Nars

The kids deepen their skiing skills In the friendly designed kids ski paradise La Nars.
The ascent is made easy by a covered magic carpet ski lift and the rides through the colourful gates, the different obstacle courses and the Magicpark guarantee loads of fun.

The covered magic carpet ski lift transports young and old up the hill effortlessly through the 171m long tunnel. Once you reach the top, the skiing fun can begin. The Rotondo carousel helps the kids to learn to glide, turn and slide easily with their skis on. In the Magicpark it's all about jumps and balance exercises and the Railpark challenges young skiers and snowboarders with obstacles and jumps.

If you get tired of skiing you have the possibility to go sledding on a separate piste on the same hill. Thanks to the magic carpet you don't even have to walk uphill!

Opening hours

  • During the winter season from 9:00 to 16:00.


The day tickets can be purchased directly in the kids ski paradise.

  • Day pass: CHF 12.-
  • Half-day pass: CHF 7.-

The ski lift in La Nars is fee-based as of 3 years of age.
The prices are the same for adults and children.
All course participants can ride the ski lifts La Nars free of charge during course hours.
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